About Leif Erikkson

Sustainable Manifesto: Effective 2016

Leif Erikkson supports the idea of respect and stewardship towards each other and the environment. Leif Erikkson provides a service that gives the customer a high-quality, style driven piece of outer wear which completes the wears outfit for any occasion.

Leif Erikkson is:
Intentionally Offbeat

All our coats are made to make a strong statement. Each are independently hand crafted with care and we pay special attention to our craft to produce artisan coats that are timeless. We strive to make a positive contribution to the environment. Our house style is intentionally off beat and unique but witty. You can trust our craftsmanship and precision, we never over look one coat as less important than the next.

Using eco-friendly fabrics and components
Recycling and addressing energy efficiency and waste
Creating timeless and tailored garments
To build an ethical brand with sustainability at its core

This is a product that you can trust and enjoy. Leif Erikkson is unique with a meaningful purpose behind it. Which to support fair clothing manufacture, by making coats with a contemporary twists. Leif Erikkson understands that it is a basic human right to be treated with respect and value in any society, Leif Erikkson reflects this positive message in every single coat that is made.

For any inquiries regarding Leif Erikkson, please contact info@leiferikkson.co.uk

All garments are sourced in Europe and made in the United Kingdom

About the sustainable business

About the sustainable business: Leif Erikkson is a sustainable business that specializes in providing coats and jackets made in Great Britain, using the highest quality ethical materials sourced from the UK, Italy and the Netherlands. Our aim is to provide quality products that do . not comprise on the manufacture, and minimize on the environmental impact of the business and supply chain. Here at Leif Erikkson we counter fast, cheap fashion and damaging patterns of fashion consumption with timeless and contemporary clothes.

We always seek to create classic coats and jackets with an interesting and new twist; this is what makes Leif Erikkson independent of what is sold on the market at the moment. Each product is individually handmade, intentionally off beat and innovative, it is these qualities that truly make a Leif Erikkson Coat special and we are proud and excited to offer this product to the public.